Located in Pingtung county, south Taiwan, at 1000 meters high along the road 185, Vecekadan is one of the last slate house Paiwan tribe village in good condition.


You must know to find the very narrow road which reach the village as no direction panel are settle in order to discourage the visitors, often not very respectful of the privacy.

As All the slate house traditional villages, but also the second-generation village before the typhoon morakot in 2009, Vecekadan is uninhabited and desert all the week.

However, life reborn on week- end with families coming back one or 2 days to celebrate an event, have a family meal, taking care of their family house and their ancestors, have a BBQ and drink together, most of the time dress on traditional way.

Vecekadan include 44 houses among which half are still in good condition, giving a precise idea of the past living way of the Paiwan tribes.